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Achieving Your Dream to Become a Certified Code Professional has Never Been Easier!

Receive top-quality building and fire code training, anytime, from virtually any device! Choose from our online catalogue of self-paced, on-demand courses when it’s convenient for you.

  • Each course includes 120 day access
  • Affordable courses, starting at $147
  • Designed specifically for individual users
  • Available on any desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone
  • Available 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year!

Residential Courses

Pricing starting at $147

Commercial Courses

Pricing starting at $197

Fire Courses

Pricing starting at $297

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“Your presentations of the materials were excellent… the material helped me tremendously in strategizing my approach in navigating the code and taking the exam. Honestly, if it was not for your excellent presentations, navigating through the IPC during the exam would have been a time-consuming nightmare and I strongly believe that I would’ve not been able to complete the exam within the two hours… Again, thank you very much.”

- Nader D.

Compare with Other Types of Training

On-demand training through the WC³ Academy gives you the best instruction for your money. See the comparison below:

DVD Series Training


Outdated Content

No Mobile Access

Time Wasted Waiting for Materials to Arrive

Limited Exam Capabilities

WC³ Academy

On-Demand Training

Best Value!


Instant Access

Frequest Updates to Content

Interactive Quizzes & Exams

No Travel Necessary

On-site Training


Registration Fees $150+

Travel Costs $500+

Time Away from Work $800+

“Thank you for the WC³ Academy class for Building Inspector.  The course was very helpful in preparing for my Exam, which was yesterday, and I have successfully passed.” 

John N.

All WC³ Academy On-Demand Training Courses Feature:

  • High definition, code specific, video training
  • Topic-specific practice quizzes
  • Organized public-access code links
  • Industry tips and tricks
  • Links to online resources
  • Full-length timed practice exams
  • CEU’s – ICC Preferred Provider
  • Certificate of completion

Our Courses

If you’re already in the industry, gaining the code specific training you need to advance your career is now available! Browse this sampling of online catalogue courses:

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“I greatly appreciate WC³, for letting me use the training module for my IRC certification. It was my most utilized tool for passing the test. I was able to study from home & the quizzes were invaluable in learning the testing format. Reviewing the quizzes & missed questions were something I did throughout my prep. Only positive feedback at this point & time. I will utilize the academy for future exam prep!”

Mike M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me pass my ICC Exam?

A. YES, without a doubt. Our training not only provides you with a foundation to building your code knowledge upon, but our practice quizzes and exams will test your knowledge, and simulate content and time frames associated with actual ICC Exams. Similar training provided by WC³ has resulted in an 82% pass rate.

Can I show these materials to a group of people?

A. You have purchased the course as an individual. We would love for you to show-off the courses to colleagues, coworkers, and other code professionals- that’s 100% ok. With that said, a city or organization can’t purchase a single course for an entire building department or group; however, we would be happy to offer special pricing for groups, simply contact us.

Is there a certificate of completion?

A. Yes, each course has its own requirements for obtaining the certificate of completion. Most courses require that you watch the video segments, complete the quizzes, and pass the practice exam. At that point you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your certificate. Note: This is not an ICC certificate! It does award CEU’s, but you will need to take the actual ICC certification exam as well.

Are the ICC exams easy?

A. Our experience has been that many of the ICC exams are not as hard as people imagine they will be, that is of course, when you’re prepared. There are some very difficult exams, such as the Commercial Electrical. In short, our opinion is that “easy” is a product of preparation, and knowing what to expect makes all the difference. Our courses will get you ready.

Is there a guarantee that I will pass?

A. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make that kind of guarantee. As we encourage in the courses, for every hour of video instruction you receive, you will need to put in two hours of your own study time. It’s what you do outside of class that makes the difference. Put in the work and you are likely to pass.

Can I get a refund?

A. Yes, if you register for the wrong course, or chose to cancel within the first 24 hrs. we will be happy to refund 100% of your money.

How long do I have access to these materials once I purchase a course?

A. Each course purchase provides you with 120 days of access in which to complete the course. If you get partially complete and need an extension, contact us for special pricing.

How long is the course?

A. The courses consist of multiple modules. Most modules are design to be roughly 30-40 min. in length; however, some vary depending on content. Each module also includes a quiz and some suggested reading. We suggest 2 hours of outside study, for every 1 hour of content in the Academy. In the end, each course will vary in length, but could feasibly be completed in as little as 2 weeks.

Do I need to buy any books for your course?

A. This is a tricky one. The short answer is YES. All courses associated with ICC exams essentially require you to purchase a paper copy of the relevant code book. Each course outlines what references you will need. The reasoning behind this is that ICC exams are open-book. Without the book you would need to memorize countless code sections. It’s just not worth the effort. With that said, whenever possible public access code links are provided with each course. You can read the code books online, learn and study, but this will not be an aid on the certification exams.

I just need practice exams. Where should I go?

A. We’re in the business of preparing code professionals for their future careers, in addition to passing ICC exams. If you just want a practice exam, feel free to register for a class, and skip the video modules, but we don’t recommend it.

What can I print or download?

A. The materials in this course are protected and copyrighted. Occasionally there will be resources, links, or other documents that you can download and print for reference, or assistance in studying for your exam. The videos can’t be downloaded, the quiz and exam questions are also protected.

Is the course live or recorded?

A. These courses are recorded for the purpose of allowing you to start anytime you want, and access the materials on your schedule. At times you may see integrated learning opportunities, consisting of live webinars etc.

Is On-Demand Training through the WC³ Academy right for me?

Most likely YES!  The courses on the WC³ Academy are purposefully designed for individuals like you who simply need to pass an ICC exam. Our courses are perfect for a wide array of people, whether you have absolutely no experience, or if you’ve been in the industry for years and simply haven’t had the time to knock out your certifications, the Academy will work for you. Here are the main reasons you should sign up for the Academy:

You're a Busy Person

Traveling to training or rearranging your schedule to be at a specific location at a particular time is not practical. Even if it were, learning the code takes time. It cannot be mastered in a single day, or even a couple of days. You need to be able to learn at your own pace, on your schedule and from wherever you happen to be. This is the course for you.

The Price is Right

At less than a couple of hundred dollars, there is no other course available that offers this amount of high-quality training, quizzes and practice exams, all for one low price. Investing thousands of dollars in other types of alternative training isn’t realistic, and probably doesn’t meet your budget.

It Works!

Passing the exam is your number one priority. We’ve been doing this for a while, and when it comes down to it, people study with us, and they pass the tests. It’s that simple.

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