Plan Review FAQs

How can outside plan review services be paid for if they are not included in the department's budget?

A. Plan review fees can be billed directly to the owner, design professional, or contractor. In addition, WC³ offers free UPS shipping so municipalities will not have to incur any of the plan review costs.

Can expedited plan reviews be performed?

A. In many cases, an expedited plan review can be performed for an additional fee.

How will plan review comments be received?

A. Plan review comments can be immediately emailed or uploaded to the municipality upon completion. Comments may also be sent directly to the design professional or permit applicant when requested.

What is required for a complete plan review?

A. For a complete plan review a copy of the soils report, structural calculations, project specifications, energy analysis, applicable ICC-ES approvals, and complete set of drawings is required. Additional items may also be necessary if required by the particular jurisdiction. Two sets of each document are required.

When will plans be returned?

A. Typically plans will be kept until all comments have been responded to satisfactorily, at which point all information will be returned to the municipality. If the municipality requests it, WC³ can discard the information.

Are local amendments to the code considered in plan reviews?

A. Prior to commencing a review of a project, WC³ will check with the jurisdiction if the city has any specific requirements. All state code amendments will be considered in the plan review.

Can WC³ review "phased" projects?

A. When sufficient information is provided, phased or partial reviews can be performed. Please call to discuss what information may be required for your particular project.

If a full plan review is not desired, can specific specialty reviews be performed?

A. Yes, WC³ may perform individual building code, structural, accessibility, energy, fire & life safety, mechanical/plumbing, and electrical reviews if desired.

Can WC³ provide code consulting for design firms during design development?

A. Yes, WC³ will assist during any phase of the project, including the design phase.

How long do plan review take?

A. Initial plan review comments are submitted to the building department within ten (10) business days. All re-reviews are completed within five (5) working days.

What is included as part of the review comments?

A. Plan review comments are grouped by reviewer (i.e building, structural, fire, etc.). Complete plan reviews will note all Use Groups, Types of Construction, Mixed Uses, and Rated Assembly requirements. When applicable, each comment will provide a building code or standard reference. General comments in regards to engineering principles or to reduce potential field errors may also be made without a code reference.

What is required for a structural plan review?

A. For a structural plan review a copy of the soils report, structural calculations, project specifications, and complete set of drawings is required. Only one set of each document is required.

How can plans be delivered to WC³?

A. Municipalities may ship the construction documents using WC³’s courier account, or if the jurisdiction is within 20 miles we will send a runner to pick up the plans. Plans may also be dropped off directly to our office or submitted electronically for review.

May design professionals, owners, and contractors contact WC³ should they have questions about the plan review?

A. WC³ will discuss projects with interested parties with the permission of the municipality.

Can we contact WC³ with code questions related to projects which are not being reviewed?

A. We will make every effort to answer all code related questions at no charge.

Will plan reviews performed by WC³ be kept confidential?

A. WC³ will only release information to the client, unless specifically instructed otherwise.

Will WC³ be available for design review meetings or to perform site visits?

A. Yes, WC³ can perform site visits and be present for design review meetings. An extra fee may apply for these services.

Does WC³ carry liability insurance?

A. Yes, WC³ carries both general and professional liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance. A certificate of insurance can be provided to our clients at any time if requested.

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